Malloc is Matthew Thies, an electronic musician in Austin, TX. Malloc creates ambient landscapes from delicately crafted sounds, giving spectral content equal status with melody, harmony, and rhythm.
Experiments with stochastic systems and micro-sounds led to the production of Louisian Stars, an EP due out this year on artificial music machine. This project moves away from the layers of drone found in Matthew’s past endeavors and deals more directly with structure and pulse to create ambience from many tiny musical moments that are gently unveiled to the listener.
Along with writing music as Malloc, Matthew has been an active performer in Austin’s eclectic electronic music world since 2002. He began as a member of the ambient noise group Numbers on the Mast (whose self-titled album was released by Artificial Music Machine in 2007), later sat in with sonic magicians Book of Shadows, and collaborated with Eric Archer as Visitor Q. With a background in computer music from Berklee and the University of Texas, Malloc draws on influences ranging from Aphex Twin to Steve Reich.