Book of Shadows began in 1999 as a magical/experimental outlet for founder and long time ST 37 member Carlton Crutcher and his wife Sharon. As the vocalist, Sharon combines her spiritual and magical ideas with Carlton’s 22 years of experience as a keyboardist and vocalist in the Austin Texas space rock and experimental music underground. Book of Shadows combines magic and experimental/improvisational music for unique one of a kind live performances and recordings. Book of Shadows doesn’t sing songs about magical things, but makes each performance of its music a real magical experience – “magic through sound.” Stephen Clover of Foxy Digitalis writes: “It sounds like everything you know, and yet nothing you’ve ever heard; that’s a neat trick.
The Inner World is Book of Shadows’ fifth release and first release for artificial music machine. For this EP, Carlton and Sharon are joined by Aaron Bennack (guitar), Eric Archer (guitar/electronics), Douglas Ferguson (guitar/electronics/tibetan bowl), Lori 16MM Varga (theremin/electronics), and Erich Ragsdale (keyboards/electronics).