Limiter is an electro-organic rock project created by label co-founder, Martin McCreadie; an amalgam of haunting vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, samples, drum loops, and synthesizers that come together to form a unique and emotionally resonant collection of songs.
With influences from industrial, new wave, trip hop, classic rock, gothic rock, eastern and shamanic music, McCreadie aims to create dark, icy lullabies that awaken the dreamer in all of us. Initially created as a vehicle for exploring and (re)discovering levels of consciousness, Limiter is a tool with which to escape material reality. It is a voyage through the mundane and the sublime; a confrontation of opposing elements spiraling through the void and emerging as a divine union. Limiter is an attempt to find that which is without limits through experiments with and experiences of limitation.
In addition to McCreadie on guitar and vocals, Limiter has at various times also featured Bradley Bills (CHANT) on drums, and Dan Burton (Afreet) on keys, Gary Lewis on guitar, Erik Gustafson (Lust Murder Box/Souless Affection) on bass, and Nox (Lust Murder Box) on synth.
McCreadie’s experimental guitar talents are also an integral part of the improvisational project, Inversion Effect.
In addition, McCreadie has played with Sick _Muse, subNatural, and The Nimbus and has done remixes of Kilowatts (Scraped On The Way Out) NIN (Me, I’m Not, The Hand That Feeds), subNatural (subSequence EP), and Lust Murder Box (Neuromantic).