Inversion Effect is a collaboration of Artificial Music Machine musicians who create ambient and experimental music. Using both traditional and non-traditional instrumentation, they compose introspective soundscapes and lush, moody atmospheres. As a microcosm of the entire Artificial Music Machine label, the members of Inversion Effect focus on bringing together elements of both the electronic and the organic, forging a union between darkness and light.
Since its formation in 2002, Inversion Effect has featured the talents of Martin McCreadie (Limiter) on guitar, Thomas Fang (Static Storm System) contributing field recordings, radio and scanner frequencies, turntables, keyboard, and circuit-bent toys, Dan Burton (Afreet) playing laptop, synthesizers, and bass guitar, as well as the collaborative efforts of other musicians.
In 2005, the band composed an original score for the classic silent film Nosferatu, and performed it live at several theatrical screenings. In addition to this film, original video compositions in varied styles have accompanied many Inversion Effect performances, to complement the band’s immersive sound.
Inversion Effect toured (with Numbers on the Mast) to support the release of their album, A Brief History, in December 2007.