Temple Of Drone 20.SEPT.14


Church of the Friendly Ghost, The Order Of Hierophanous Intonement, and Artificial Music Machine present:
Temple Of Drone
A four-hour continuous sound performance by Austin experimental and electronic musicians.
Bradley Telcom Ensemble, Matt Burnett, Lee Dockery, Thomas Fang, Brent Fariss, Alex Keller, Colin McIntyre, Noveller, Ósk Bät, Rick Reed, Scope Resolution Operator, silent land time machine, Spagirus, Unmoor, Xander Harris.
This night represents the third installment in the Continuum series of events which started in 2010, and will take place inside a re-creation of the Temple of Drone, a physical space originally created for Burning Flipside in 2014. Using both electronic and acoustic instruments, 16 performers will explore collaboration, communion, improvisation, and synchronicity.
Saturday, September 20th, 2014, 8pm-midnight
at The Museum of Human Achievement.

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