If you are interested in submitting demo materials, please read the following. This is not meant to discourage submissions, just to make the whole process flow smoothly, and set everyone's expectations appropriately.


We currently accept submissions from Texas-based artists only. Please be aware that as we are a small label, it is much easier for us to work with artists who are local. Include as much contact information as you can - at least an email address and phone number, and preferrably a postal address as well. If we like your music, we will want to know more. Please try to answer at least the following questions: What is your musical background and experience? What is the history of the project? Do you have a fan base? Do you play live shows? If so, where? When? With whom? Do you have a website? This sort of information will give us a much better idea of your project. We promise that we will listen to everything we receive, but we cannot respond to every submission we get. If your project is something that we may be interested in working with, we will contact you.


Please contact us via email and we can supply you with an address to send materials to.


In addition, when you send us a demo package via snail mail, send us a quick email so we know to expect it.