The Aleph take their name from the Jorge Luis Borges short story of the same name. According to the story, the Aleph is “the place where, without any possible confusion, all the places in the world are found, seen from every angle…it has the form of a man who points out heaven and earth, to indicate that the inferior world is the mirror and map of the superior.” Feeding off the inspiration of Borges’ story, and led by the musical and production talents of the Dreamtigers, The Aleph set out to bring these concepts to the world of music.
Inspired by enigmatic samples of mall ambience and trainyard mischief, Live From Northpark Mall is an electronic pop album that blurs the boundaries between abstract glitches and fashionable modern pop. The album was created through a set of live recording sessions, molding the powerful vocal presence and visceral samples using the electronic analogues of turntable techniques. The Aleph aspire to bring these innovations in so-called ‘laptop rock’ to the forefront of modern musical creation.