Merzbow is Masami Akita, widely acknowledged as the most important noise artist in the world. The first Merzbow release appeared in 1979 on Lowest Arts & Music, Masami’s own record label in Tokyo, and his name has since appeared on hundreds of releases. Live performances across the globe, collaborations with other sound artists, and a 50-CD box set (released in 2000) have cemented his already legendary reputation. Throughout the last 25 years, Masami has utilized myriad electronic devices and techniques for sound experimentation, resulting in an immense and extremely diverse catalog of recorded works.
Tamarin is Daniel De Los Santos, a Texas noise artist who also founded Mad Monkey Records, Circumvent, and Plan DX17. His two albums as Tamarin (released by Frozen Empire Media) are dark explorations of rhythmic noise and unsettling drones punctuated by eerie voices and unexpected glitches. After completing a collaboration with Xingu Hill and Brian Evenson for Hymen Records, Daniel began working with Merzbow. This project represents a new direction for Tamarin, moving beyond his industrial influences and incorporating elements of both jazz and drone into his careful remixing of Merzbow’s source material.
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