KiloWatts is a marriage of man and machine – a love story about cells and bits – an attempt at defining a hilariously absurd and imperfect reality through an electronic invention that promises to encode this vision eternally. The music is deep, the songs tell stories, and the sounds are intensely emotional. Nested within the musical structure is an element of quirky electronic experimentation – a roadmap of new and interesting ways of carressing and mangling waveforms. The result is a cinematic tale of knowledge, confusion, and pushing forward.
KiloWatts has released tracks and EPs with numerous other labels in the past, and has recently released the album RawQ as part of a collaborative project with Vanek on Holophon Records (formerly Mole Listening Pearls). Problem/Solving, the first full-length album from KiloWatts for Artificial Music Machine is an introspective and inspiring aural conglomeration of a thousand different experiences, taking sharp turns through calm somber reflection and gutwrenching chaotic confusion – a balance of exquisite melodic structures and grinding dissonant disorder. KiloWatts’ second album on Artificial Music Machine, Routes takes us on a vibrant, energetic, and exploratory aural road trip through experiences miniscule and collosal.
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