Gift Culture is based on sounds, imagery, and art derived from DSP technology, analogue synthesis, and computer-based non-linear editing. As Gift Culture mastermind Michael Hale explains,
In this day and age, it is possible to sculpt light and sound as if they were clay. Throw a midi-digitizer, sensors, and a video-sampler into the mix and suddenly, you have the power to create fully immersive audio/visual multimedia environments.
Gift Culture is the result – his attempts to share his explorations in this multi-dimensional space; to evoke sonic textures from samplers, synthesizers, and DSP algorithms that can only come from those things; a journey to discover their “voices”, so to speak, using such techniques as granular synthesis, spectral resynthesis, FFT/IFFT based spectral morphing and interpolation, and whatever other exotic algorithms he can coax out of his myriad machines.
Michael has performed his own works live at numerous events, including Cross Product 4. He also performs live percussion for psy-trance wizards Initialization String.