Chad Mossholder is co-founder and half of recording artist Twine, who have performed internationally and whose releases have appeared on Ghostly International, Bip-Hop, and Hefty Records. He is the senior sound designer at id Software, currently working on the latest version of Doom. Chad has been a sound designer and composer in the video game industry for fifteen years, working on such titles as Everquest, Everquest II, Star Wars Galaxies, Matrix Online and DC Universe Online. Chad is also a longtime collaborator with author and visual artist Mark Amerika. Their experimental audio/visual installations, albums and websites have achieved critical acclaim. For his debut solo album, “Non-Site Specific”, Chad spent a year crafting purely electronic abstract soundscapes that are intricate, innovative, and enchanting.
“Non-Site Specific” departs from Twine’s sample-based manipulation and embarks on a metaphysical and mercurial journey propelling the listener through mysterious and unfamiliar territories. Entirely constructed by software synthesis, the album is a cascade of gorgeous textures, compelling melodies, intricate compositions and rhythms, and meticulous sound design. Heavily influenced by the work of Stan Brakhage, who hand-painted each individual frame of his films, Chad hand-crafts every sound and places each component manually. Rarely are elements mechanically sequenced, and when they are algorithmically sequenced, the resulting audio captures are dissected and rearranged with the utmost attention to detail and placement. This allows a symbiosis between the artist’s intentions and the random processes of nature, escaping the sometimes cold feeling of electronic music and capturing the organic textures of nature and human thought processes.